Vantage Score is a mess. This credit score you will see in some places, such as through True Credit. Vantage Score is the first credit scoring model created by the credit bureaus themselves. This score is very different than most scoring models. Most credit score models hail from Fair Isaac. Most credit scoring models you will see are from a Fair Isaac model.

In 2009 the FICO which is Fair Isaac released their new score model FICO 08. This is the score you will more than likely see if you are with a credit monitoring service like Credit Keeper. Most lenders also are using a version of FICO 08 or an older FICO score model. When you monitor your own scores, you want to use something similar to what they might pull.

But Advantage Score is WAY off the norm. This score model changes the entire credit scoring range all together. A normal credit score range with almost all score models is 350-850. But the Advantage Score ranges from 501-990. This is SO much different than ALL other score models.

If you have a 700 credit score with Advantage, that is actually a bad score. But with a regular score model this is a good score. This radical change in the score range is one of the reasons no industries ever accepted the model. But when FICO 08 rolled out, the bureaus wanted their piece of the pie.

Many of their credit monitoring services use this score model. Avoid companies such as True Credit or other credit bureau owned companies to stay away from the Advantage Score.

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